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    Question Unanswered: instance creation

    Hi all,

    I followed the steps below to create a new instance

    1. add a port number in services file for the instance I want to create
    2. db2icrt <instanceName>
    3. set db2instance=<instanceName>
    4. update dbm cfg using svcename <portnumber for this instance which I added in the first step in the services file>
    5. db2set db2comm=tcpip
    6. db2start
    7. created a database in this instance

    Now when I try to catalog this database from a remote client machine, it gives the error saying 'server configuration incomplete'. What else I need to do in order to access database in this newly created instance so that I can access it remotely?? Have I missed any changes???

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    Can you post the steps you do on the client? And the exact message too ...
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    Hey thanks, but the things are working fine now. The only step i missed is cataloging the node, which i thought is done automatically by the database manager, which in my case din't worked.

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