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    Unanswered: Query for Access, Stock Control System

    Hi I am trying to make a Query between two different tables, tblProducts and tbl Stock, one with the field name ReorderLevel and one with QuantityInStock. I am making a query which will show only those which need reordering. For example if my reorder level was 5 and Quantity in Stock was 3 then this would be shown on the query.
    I have attempted the expression

    If [QuantityInStock]<=[Reorder level] then I want this to be shown in the query.

    Can anyone give me a hand with this simple formula?

    It would be much appreciated

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    Welcome to the forums.

    You'll need to use a JOIN operation in your query, probably on the product ID which I'm assuming you have in both tables. To filter the ones that only have the criteria you mentioned, you'll need a WHERE clause. Cheers!
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