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    Post Unanswered: SQL Server 2005 Job schedule


    I have created a SQL Server Agent Job that runs a t-SQL cammand. The Agent is currently running under "localSystem" I want to be able to run the job under a doman/network user that has access to our network. Can this be done? When I open the properites of the job step and go to the advance section I see and option for "Run as User" but when I click on the {...} The only users that I am able to select are"SYS", "DBO", "Guest", and "Information_schema" How can I get the newtork / doman uses so I can select them? Those users I want to use have a logon to the Database server as an SA account


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    First think better change SQL server services startup account to ur domain account and then u can perform this easily . for this grant sysadmin privileges to ur domain account at SQL level or add it to MSSQLserveruser and SQLserveragentuser group before changing startup account

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