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    Unanswered: Static SQL and Statistics connection...

    I just found out that at DB2, whenever statistics updated, when using static SQL, there's a function called REBIND which makes static SQL statement able to use the most recent statistics.

    Does anyone know whether Oracle has the similar way in dealing with static SQL and statistics ??? Does it necessary to recompile the static SQL statement ?? Or is Oracle already "rebind" the static SQL with the most recent statistics ??? If possible, please add reference as well, thank you...

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    Talking Static SQL?

    There is no "static" SQL in Oracle, when statistics are computed, Oracle will change the execution plan accordingly.
    You may have two situations where the SQL may be considered somewhat 'static':

    1) You have "HINTS" on a query which control the execution plan.
    2) You have (and are using) Stored Outlines.

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