1 Year Contract in Downtown Chicago, IL
Local candidates are only eligible for this role

Description :
Resume must clearly articulate the size of the environments - both # of databases supported as well as size, SQL Servers instances and how many Oracle instances for the past 2 years.
If you have not been responsible for 50 or more databases at one time, your resume will not be shortlisted.
You will be solely responsible for 50+ db's in this position and if you haven't worked with that many in the past, you will not be able to keep up here.
Resume must clearly articulate substantial SQL Server work as well as Oracle work.
Stating SQL Server as a 'skill' is NOT sufficient.
Work with both SQL Server and Oracle must be current - i.e. within the last 2 yea

To get more informations and apply:
Oracle/Sql Server DBA (CL30012009 - 2021) Job at ASAP Staffing LLC