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    Red face Unanswered: How to give permission of for different products for particular users can see

    I have written my code in php and I have two table namely "user" table and "product" table.
    The "user" table consisting only id and password and "product" table consisting product ids and product name.

    user_id | Password
    A | abc
    B | xyz
    C | dcs

    Product Table
    prod_id | prod_name | prod_desc | prod_price
    1 | Apple | Fruit | $1
    2 | Banana | Fruit | $.50
    3 | Milk | Liquid | $2
    4 | Paper | Paper | $1

    I have created a checkbox like
    <input type="checkbox" name="product[] value="<?=$sql['prod_id'];?>">
    in while loop.

    Now I want to show the prod_id 2,4 can see only user A, prod_id 3 only user C and prod_id 1,2,3,4 user B can see.

    Please solve my problem, how to insert the data into the table and how to fetch data from the table so that a particular user can see only the permitted products not other product.

    Waiting for reply very soon

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    so how do you think you can achieve this
    what wasy can you see to achieve this design requirement
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    Here's a hint, you need to relate the users to the products somehow... maybe... and I know I could be spitting into the wind here... you could use another table

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