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    Unanswered: how should i connect to db name different in global_name

    Hi all,

    I am confuse totally now.

    I the system which was prebuild and now i have to support and get data.

    I have DB instance name testep1 and

    when is do select * from globalname it gives me testet1..

    then i tried querying select * from v$database it gives me testep1

    and then again when i did.. select ora_database_name from dual it gives me testet1..

    So what do i need to put in my tnsnames.ora..

    The SID is testep1.. and i confirm that on the system and in configuration as well.

    Please guide me!!


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    How did you connect in the first place? Did you connect directly from the database server?

    The SID (or service name) in the tnsnames.ora file is passed to the listener so that the connection can be established. As such, the SID in tnsnames needs to match the SID (or service name) that the listener is looking for.

    Type "lsnrctl status" on the database server and you should get a list of the instances that the listener is configured for. Select the correct instance and use that in your tnsnames file on the client side.

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    it does say that the for testep1 and in tnsname.ora file i am using testep1. but what should i need in that file for it ro recognize the global_name?

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