I have a main form = frmOrders. On that form I have a subform = sbfrmOrderDetails. On the subform I have a combo box = cboProductDescription. This is a shipping form. There are a few items we have that have serial numbers. I want to keep track of those items based on their serial number. So, I created another subform that I put on the main form called = sbfrmProdSerialNum.

I want the second subform = sbfrmProdSerialNum to be invisible UNTIL someone choose one of those specific items from the combo box "cboProductDescription" in the first subform = sbfrmOrderDetails. For example, if I'm shipping items that do not have a serial number, I want the second subform to be out of the picture. When I ship an item that has a serial number, say something called "5 TON HOIST", I then want the second subform to pop up so that the user can select the hoist's serial number.

One more thing: I also want the second subform to stay visible for that shipping record that has "5 TON HOIST" as one of the records in the sbfrmOrderDetails.

I know I'm missing some crucial steps in my code. I've been using the "IF...Then" code on the AfterUpdate event for the combo box "cboProductDescription" as well as the OnCurrent event for the subform = sbfrmOrderDetails. Thanks for any help!!!