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    Unanswered: Stored Procedure message to user.


    Is it possible to send a user a message in a stored procedure in the same way that you can send an error message?

    I can use the following to send errors to the user
    IF len(@Batchref)=0
    SELECT @ErrorStr = 'Please Enter a Batch Ref first'
    Return -1

    But at the end of the SP I want to send a message saying "You have created Batch XYZ".

    Any Ideas?


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    SELECT 'You have created Batch XYZ'
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    You can use RAISERROR with a severity less than 16 and it will show up like a print.

    I use RAISERROR a lot for scripts as you can use the WITH NOWAIT. Great for debug.

    RAISERROR('You have created Batch XYZ', 10, 10) WITH NOWAIT

    Using SELECT will return the message to the calling program -- don't know if that is what you want.

    You could also use the RETURN command to return an INT indicating success

    That way you can interrogate the return result in your app or whatever to see if it was successfull.

    Your exec call would become

    EXEC @returnVal = yourStoredProc

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    create a @errormessage varchar(32) = null output
    output variable in ur spparameters and return it

    select @errormessage = 'You have created Batch XYZ'

    select @errormessage

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