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    Question Unanswered: database size query

    If we want to store database on sever , we think of its size .
    consider database of access is about 200k approximately . If we migrate this database in xml then its size goes down to about approximately 5 to 10 k .

    My question is that if size of xml database is so small compare to access database than why shall we use access database on server .

    Also what is the reason for such big size of database of access .

    Can Any one will clear this issue ...... thank you

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    200kB is not a serious database!

    the inherent overhead of an "empty" Access database is around 100kB - that is with zero tables, zero data, zero macros, zero code.
    the inherent overhead of an "empty" xml file is a few dozen bytes.

    with 5 records, XML should win easily.
    with 500,000 records, Access should win easily

    independent question #1: why are you putting the data (access or xml) on a server?
    both xml and mdb are dumb files and perform badly in concurrent-user situations.

    independent question #2: why worry about size if it doesn't work?
    try any SQL-aware database-server and go for performance (but the no-database-at-all server overhead will be multiple MB)

    independent question #3: size?
    this is the 21st century: 1TB of disk is cheaper than a few floppy disks 10 years ago - who cares about size.

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    Agreed with izy.

    I'll add this too: because XML sucks!?! lol
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    to me XML is great as a transport mechanism, especially if you are using the data in a web page or are transporting it to another db..
    its fine for storing very small amounts of data (eg system settings).
    its pretty awful for storing data that should be in a database.
    its relatively trivial to get a db to spit out data in XML format
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