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    Unanswered: License issue client pc


    We have developed a custom VB app that read/update data in MS Access mdb on the client PC using ADO so that it doesn't have to keep hitting the SQL server as frequently. In some cases we create the MDB files through the VB application.

    My question is, do we need VB or MS Access license to run the app on individual PC or is a developer license for Visual Studio enough to create the setup package for the app?


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    you don't need any licence for a MDB file accessed through VB.

    in reality an MDB file is a JET data source, nothing directly to do with Access. so its licence free. its when you start putting in forms , reports and module that it becomes an Access Application. although I've never tried it I wouldn't mind bettign you can access an MDB with VBA code/forms or reports. you may even be able to access queries defined in the MDB

    Access is a front end application, which by default talks to JET data sources, but it can also talk to other data sources such as SQL Server, MySQL etc....
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    Thanks, now it clear to me.

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