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Thread: error in macro

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    Unanswered: error in macro

    hi ..
    i have this microsoft application thatworks fine on my pc ( i am the administrator), but wheni take this application to another pc i get this error
    i did set this user on the other pc to anadministrator but i still get the error , but when i log on this pc to my username it works...
    when i click on stop all macros i get
    you can't open the "........mdb".It is already used by another user or you don't have the permission to open it.
    but as i said i gave the other user a permission to be an administrator...

    i don't know exactly where is the problem

    ny suggestions please?

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    Let's see now... examining crystal ball....


    It's a broken frapps.


    Seriously, the only suggestion I have at this point is that you should detail what the error is, what the macro is doing, what version of Access you have, what security you've set up with the database,... that kind of thing.

    Perhaps then the question will become answerable without writing a book on all the possible solutions to every possible error message.
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