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    Question Unanswered: Not sure about the Query to get the right results

    Ok guys, I've been scratching my head for weeks, I really hope you can help me.

    I have SQL 2005 and I have a table named categoryOptions
    Categoryoptions Id, int
    categoryID, int
    type, nvarchar(4)
    text, nvarchar(300)
    value, float

    This is to make a Rubric, to the type column holds A, B, C and D
    and the text holds the description text for type A, B , C and D
    I've attached a screen capture of this.

    My query looks like this

    SELECT Categories.description, CategoryOptions.type, CategoryOptions.text FROM Categories INNER JOIN CategoryOptions ON Categories.categoryID = CategoryOptions.categoryID

    The categories.descriptions just gives me the Name for the specific tables.

    I'm using a repeater in (Visual Basic) and for the tables A, B, C, D and F I get the same text for all of them and it should be display all for horizontally not vertically. Any ideas??

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