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    Unanswered: Ways to connect to btr-files WITHOUT the use of DDF

    For a company I need to pull data from the database.

    In the past I connected to the database with Crystal reports.
    I also was able to connect to the database via ODBC.
    But only after I installed a workgroup engine.
    Both methods need a good set of DDF-files.

    After reinstallation of the workstations, even with the workgroup engine installed, no ODBC-connecting can be made.
    A few month ago, via PCC the data could be accessed, now this isn't possible anymore. btrieve error 35 all over the place.

    At this moment, only the main app. works with the database.
    And I know this app. doesn't use the DDF-files.

    Wich makes me wonder.
    Wich methods are there to connect to a PSQL 9 database without the use of DDF-files?

    They want me to make a little tool in .NET to retrieve data only.
    Since the ODBC doesn't work anymore, I need to fins other ways.

    Thanks in advance.

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    The only way to connect to a Pervasive database without DDFs is through the Btrieve API. You do need to know the exact byte structure of the data as a field layout though.
    Btrieve/Pervasive doesn't store any field information in the table. It's up to the DDFs or the Btrieve application to determine the record layout.

    If you are getting error 35s, you've probably got an incorrect path in the database name or the DDFs.
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    Thank you very much for this quick answer.

    I'll pass the info on error 35 to the companys system administrators.
    And i'll search more info on how to use the Btrieve API, just in case.

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    If you need to build the DDF files you can take a look at BtSearch at Nelson Software Solutions DDF and Data Editor for Pervasive Btrieve. It allows you to analyze the structure and build the DDF files. It will export the data after you have created the DDF files to CSV or other formats.


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    I've taken a look on the Btrieve API.
    At this moment it's out of my leauge.
    And I can't find the right info on the internet how to use this API with

    So, I told to the company to put more effort in resolving the ODBC-problem.
    But their system administrator is in a loss.

    The right set of DDF's are in place but still no data in the PCC.
    I even copied the DDF's, a few btr-files and took them home.
    At home I can access the data easily with the Pervasive Workgroup Engine.

    I try to find another solution but I have too little knowledge how Pervasive works, so a few little questions:
    Is it true that if you can't retrieve data with PCC, that you can't retrieve data via ODBC or OLE DB?

    Or is there another way to retrieve data when you have a good set of DDF's?

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