On most, but not all, of the Windows 2003 servers we have ASE installed on, the backup server will randomly stop dumping the database.

The database dumps are executed by a scheduled task and a perl script. The result varies, sometimes the jobs show that they are blocked by a process and sometimes they dont show up at all.

In both cases restarting the backup server gets the dumps going again.

I found one note on the Sybase site "On Windows platform, dump and load commands leak file handles which can accumulate over a series of dump/loads, with the backupserver eventually running out of file handles reporting the error "nl__write_defer: write failed on socket 1: Insufficient quota to complete the requested service". "

I haven't seen this yet, but will be looking for it in future instances of the problem.

Is anyone aware of any other backup server related bugs/CR's for 12.5 on Windows?