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    Unanswered: Access Ate My Tab Contol Form View

    Good Morning All,
    This may sound "very" elementry to you all, but Access Ate my Tab Control Form View.
    I read through the forum and found one instance of missing Form View - that solution did not resolve my issue, and another that told me where else to look for errors (see attached screen print)
    This was my first attempt at creating a Tabbed Form, due to the amount of data that had to be collected for one record.

    My form has 4 tabs and an additional five forms.
    Everything worked fine until I attempted to add a new subform to the last tab. I received an error message to the effect that the field values were invalid and was told that a "new table" with the errors would be posted.
    For whatever reason I diddled with the original table and successfully applied it to the tab, saved my table changes and deleted the "error table". I then added a pop control up form linked to the pesky subform. The popup would not work - contol button did not appear on Form View - so I deleted the control in Design, saved, and went back to Form view to verify that no harm was done.
    The "Form" was gone but everything is visible in Datasheet and Design view.
    Can this be fixed and avoided in the future, or do I have to start from scratch ?
    Thank you for your time and expertise.

    Access novice+ working in a vacuum,
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    Visible in design view?

    Hmm - I think the form may have been deleted; your posted Help.doc just shows some of the code that would have been behind the form.

    Can you post a .zip of the .MDB please?
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