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    Question Unanswered: Looking for Receipt Manager via SQL


    I'm looking around for a script or program, that I can install via SQL onto a domain, in which I can manage receipts/or invoices of my future clients. Does anyone know of any program that does such thing? (I'm willing to pay over $250 if there is a script like this or a type of program.

    Please advise. I appreciate all replies.


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    Invoice Receipt Manager / Website Script

    You might want to call and talk to Explain to them what you want the script to do and how you would like it to work. They normally specialise in Excel but also develop custom web and database / SQL scripting applications.

    You can find them at:

    Database Programming Service
    Access Expert UK: Databases Macros VBA London Tel.0784 219 4018

    Excel Expert UK Consulting Service
    Excel Expert UK: Excel,VBA,Macros Expert London Tel.0784 219 4018

    Office Automation Specialist Service
    Excel Expert UK: Phone Help Line Support London Tel.0784 2194018
    EXCEL EXPERT New York NYC Phone Support Helpline 212 933 9469



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