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    Question Need constructive comments/criticism on ERD

    i'm somewhat new to database design and i need someone to take a look at this ERD design which i have created using a lot of surrogate keys and unique indexes as opposed to composite keys (in many cases)

    i only have a few tables in there and it is in PDF for now so i have attached it here. There is only one page of interest so please give me any constructive comments or criticism so i can get going in the right direction. Feel free to email me if you want.
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    I wouldn't use surrogates in place of composite keys at the modelling stage. Dependencies are easier to spot if all the relevant attributes are actually part of the entity definition rather than buried in parents. By all means use them when you implement the database; they just muddy the waters at this stage.
    I haven't looked at the design long enough to be able to offer much else.
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    ur codings are working excelent.

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