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    Question Unanswered: Service not starting during install

    Hey guys,

    I recently installed HoldEm Manager on two PC's, this program uses PostgreSQL and it worked fine on one computer, but on the other one it fails to start the service during installation.
    This is a problem since the installation won't finalize without starting the service and so it cancels and uninstalls everything.

    When I finally found a way around this, I tried to start the service via Administrative Tools (Services), it gives the following error: "The PostgreSQL Database Server 8.3-service on Local Computer has been started and stopped. Some services stop automatically when they have nothing to do, like Performance Logs and Alerts-service. (translated from dutch)

    I read alot online about why this could be, and so I disabled Windows Firewall (also shutdown the service), disabled all Norton services and prevented them from starting up with windows and disabled Kaspersky Anti-Hacker (yes, I feel pretttty vulnerable right now). Uninstalled the program and installed it again. Also changed the service running under .\postgres to local system etc.

    After all is said and done it still gives me the same error, the service won't start.


    I installed this package:
    Using postgresql-8.3.msi.
    And this installation guide:

    PS: I use Windows XP Service Pack 3 (formerly SP2, same error, does not matter). Pentium Dual Core 2.8gHz, 1GB DDR2, nuff GB free.

    PSS: I also posted something on the HoldEm Manager board but they could not help me out:
    PSSS: And a pending thread here:
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