Oracle Health Check | Free Oracle Health Check

Blue Gecko is offering a free performance evaluation of your Oracle database. For any version of Oracle running on any platform, we will:

1. Show you how to collect performance statistics for a general period of time, or for a period of time (even in the past) where you have experienced performance problems.

2. Review the performance data, and write a report detailing everything we have found. This report does NOT consist of vague init.ora parameter suggestions or ratios that may or may not mean anything: Our report will explain specifically where performance problems are coming from and what can be done to address them, or, if everything is running well, will explain the key metrics that confirm good performance and how to monitor changes.

3. We will present the report in an online session with a senior Oracle DBA who will explain the collected data and our report in detail.

There are no further obligations and no fees of any kind for this free evaluation. We hope to provide you with a little more insight into your database performance, and provide a little help when you need it.