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    Unanswered: error 2003 cant connect to mysql server

    I'm getting this error sometime after a couple of transactions have been executed. I have a loop and inside that loop I have a select statement and an insert statement that will run based on the result of the select. Problem is I get the error sometime after a couple of transactions have been executed so I know Im getting connected to the database. It's like the server grew tired and decided to not accept my connection.

    After I get the error I stop for about a minute and try to run the thing again and it'll run just fine until mysql decides it wouldnt accept my connection.

    any ideas guys?? thanks

    Mike from Manila

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    Are you properly setting transactions?
    uncomment #log_warnings in your my.cnf for further investigation and check max_connections

    better yet can you post your code here?

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    hi alex

    max connections is currently set to 1000

    its a simple loop really that is now pure
    "insert ignore ...." of about <500k records.

    cant really post the exact code coz its a rather company sensitive data.

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