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    Unanswered: non-erasable/non-overwritable(?)

    I want to stop my users from overwriting my password protected access database.

    Scenario: I have an application which consist of a Adobe Director 11 .exe and an access database running from a usb flash drive. Using the flash drive's UID I have already managed to lock the .exe to the drive but... the software is registered to a single user. The first user registers their details to the database and then only they can use the program. The obvious problem is that if they copy over the database with a 'fresh' copy of the database with no user record they can start using the program all over again.

    I am looking down a number of routes for a solution but I thought i'd see if their any any solutions in the database itself.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    well for the end users ... u can create a mde file rather then handing out the mdb

    and the end user wil have no access to the code/ alter/make any changes

    hope this works for u

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    I think he's trying to prevent the file itself from being deleted or overwritten, which, of course, is not an Access problem.
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