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    Unanswered: crystal 2008 - how to print multiply lablels

    I want my report to print mutiple lables for itemnumbers at different qtys per itemnumbers:
    below is my formula-
    1st item -is my itemnum
    2nd item is parameter - user prompt for items number
    3rd item is - excel file with used as table for multiple prints @ whatever qty i want
    4th item is . parameter requesting user qty needed

    {INVENTORY.ITEMNUM} = {?Control Id:} and
    {Sheet1_.Column1} <= {?number of labels}

    currently I can enter 1 item number and whatever qty of labels i need and it works fine.
    I need to allow multiple entries on both parameters with the 2nd paramter having the number entered be acending specific to the item numbers entered in paramter one..

    currently if i have multiple fields for parameter 1 and in parameter 2 enter a number (for labels to be printed) I get that each itemnumber from parameter 1 printed the amount of the number on paramter 2 IE:
    parameter 1= 12345
    2nd number - 6789
    parameter 2 - 2(for labels to be printed)

    output: 12345 - (2 times)
    6789 - (2 times)

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    Question Labels working somewhat need help

    ok for the most part i have it working. I have a few questions
    1. When the report runs instead of putting the data on the preview instantly it is searching for records and I have to let it go through 150000 records before I stop it or my data will not populate. Not sure what is wrong here. But once I do the populated data is correct.

    2.not sure how to correct this: if I enter 3 clauses: the formula demands 3 itemnums or 3 numbers or i get this error (a subscript must be between 1 and the size of the array). what if I want to enter 3 item.nums but they all have the same amount of labels that need to be printed. Current set up will not allow this. what if i have 20 clauses but only want to enter 3 item.nums - and not 20 item.nums- i still get the error.

    2a. i get auto blue prompt when I try to enter the same number 2 times into the parameter for the amount of labels i want - say I enter 1,3,1 upon typing the second one the 1st one is highlighted- the second does not show up. I suppose its asking me to select a different qty - but I want 1 again because I have 2 items that need 1 label and 1 that needs 3.

    I need help with changing my statement to allow any given amount of inventory.itemnums in its paramenter(1-20) and any given number of labels in the label parameter to also include possible like qtys.

    Here is my statement:
    ({INVENTORY.ITEMNUM}={?Control ID:}[1] and
    ({INVENTORY.ITEMNUM}={?Control ID:}[2] and
    ({INVENTORY.ITEMNUM}={?Control ID:}[3] and


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