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    Unanswered: RepServer upgrade - routes (12.6 to 15.1)

    Hi All,
    I have a small question for the Rep Servers experts

    Actual Environment (Routes):
    London (PRS) 12.6 ---> Paris RRS 12.6

    Future Environment (Routes)
    London (PRS) 15.1 --> Paris RRS 12.6

    During this weekend we will have an upgrade route from Primary server to Replicate Server

    From London they will migrated the PRS from 12.6 to 15.1 Version. In the meantime they will create a route (after the migration) to Paris (RRS - My server).

    I would like to know from Replicate Side (Paris) what steps need to be performed for the success of this migration:

    I think from my site the steps are those ones:

    1 - Drop the subscriptions which refer definitions from PRS.
    2- Wait from London migration
    3- Wait for London Creation Route for Paris.
    4- Create again the subscriptions to London Definitions
    5- Synchronize Data from London to Paris.
    6- End

    In my opinion looks very easy, but I don’t have sure if I need to perform any route upgrade from my side or if I need to perform more steps that those ones I describe above.

    Thanks for All Help


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