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    Lightbulb Unanswered: Problems with object de-allocation

    I have a script that I'm running from SQL server and that basically reads a file member on the iSeries and insert records into a sql table. (I am doing the ALIAS instead of OVRDBF to point to the file member)

    exec('CREATE ALIAS ....') at AS400SRV_MSDASQL
    exec ('Call QGPL.sp_alcobj1...') AT AS400SRV_MSDASQL
    main process here ... insert into .... select from ....
    exec ('Call QGPL.sp_dlcobj1....') at AS400SRV_MSDASQL
    exec('DROP ALIAS.....') at AS400SRV_MSDASQL

    My problem is that I am not able to de-allocate the object. It seems like the alocate and de-allocate work on different call levels. Does anyone have expereince with this? Thank you.
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