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    Hello guys!

    I know, this topic was covered already, but I couldn't find an exact answer to my questions, so hopefully you could help me a bit. So, I work in archietctural field (CAD techincian), and I really would like to change my career path and in the far future become a DBA. I know it is hard to get into the field, but someone wrote on forum that it is easier to start as SQL developer, and move from there. What else do I need to know other than SQL to secure a junior SQL Developer position without previous experience (if this possible at all). Also, I'm not sure if this happens but I'm thinking about doing a postgraduate MSc Database Systems and I would like to hear your opinion guys if this course could help me or not in achieving my goal. Thanks in advance!

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    Does anyone visit this forum?? Seems quite strange, it has been almost a week and no response

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    The answer boils down to "it depends", and I'd bet that no one wanted to put hours into a discussion of "depends on what" that only you can answer.

    If you have a certificate in CAD, that indicates that you have enough of a technical background to become a DBA. Depending on how comfortable you are with programming, that technical background can take you a long way in the field.

    If you are looking for a concrete plan that will give you the skills you need to become a programmer, your best bet is to find a school with a "fast track" to programming, which typically takes 18 months if you start with no background and see where you fit within their track.

    If you are looking for insight/guidance on what it will take you to land a position, you need someone with far more insight into your background, goals, and the opportunities within your environment than what we've got.

    My advice is really too complex to sum up in a single message. Pick the most promising venue you can see now, invest some time (I'd suggest a week to a month), then ask the people you work with in that venue for their opinions. After a bit of experience working with you, they'll be able to give you advice worth a thousand times what you'll get in response to a blanket question.


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    Thanks for response Pat. As far as programming, I have just started learning SQL using A Gentle Introduction to SQL website. So Im obviously beginner. I have done some research and I have found a postgraduate courses MSc Data Mining and MSc Information Quality. As far as the modules of these courses they are quite similar.

    MSc Data Mining

    -Introduction to Statistical Modelling
    -Experimental Design and Medical Statistics
    -Statistical Data Mining
    -Postgraduate Project Preparation & Planning
    -Postgraduate Project Module
    -Database Languages
    -Data Warehousing and Data Mining
    -Distributed Systems Programming
    -Data Mining Applications

    MSc Information Quality

    -Information Quality
    -Information Security
    -Data Warehousing and Data Mining
    -Enterprise Applications
    -Statistical Modelling
    -Postgraduate Project
    -Advanced Issues in Database Systems
    -Database Administration

    Both of these courses start in September so meanwhile I have almost a half a year to learn and practice on my own SQL and maybe Oracle. Than hopefully a year to complete one of them in full time mode, and maybe I will find my first job related to database systems. Looking at the current job market in the UK, it looks like it is easier to find a junior position in data mining rather than DBA. Do you think it will possible in the future to move from data mining to database administration? I know I may look confused, but I'm very frustrated right now, because this is the last chance for me to change my career path and I don't want to waste it.


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    Ooopss. I posted it the same thing twice . so please ignore this post.
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