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    Unanswered: php lookup queries

    Hi, I'm using phpmyadmin.

    I'm trying to get a lookup query on my database. Can that be done using phpmyadmin or do I have to write down the SQL myself?

    Would it involve creating a view and then attaching it to a table?

    In my case, I want the user to select from a list of cars, so what i want it to do, is in the "bookings" table to display a list of "cars". Possibly something like a field called "SelectCar" where a drop down menu would appear and the user can just click on the vehicle of their choice.


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    you give your users access to PHPMyAdmin?

    I suspect what you want is some form of cascading drop down / combo list. in the 'old' days
    you might send a list box of manufacturers on a page
    then send send a list of makes on a page
    then send a list of models on a page
    send all the data (all manufacturers, all makes, all models as one hit and use Javascript to filter that)

    these days you could also use AJAX and szend one page but refresh the drill down boxes as required
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