Hello! I'm really hoping to get help I can actually understand. My programming skills are a little rusty, well, downright corroded (it's been years). Anyway, here's my tale of woe.

I am creating a custom access application (2003) for use in a helpdesk (yea, laugh right now and get it over with )
To document the database tables and fields, I set up 4 tables that
define the tables (sysTables) that will be in the database
define the names and field attributes (sysFields)
define lookup table names (sysLookups) - datatypes
define lookup table values (sysLookupsValues) - values associated with the datatype

That was great, it's all organized and forced me to really look at what I was doing.

Here's the part where I'm stumped. It occured to me that I'll need to go through the same process to actually create the tables. So...

What I want to do is to write a routine that will allow me to create these tables without having to manually add each one - and - as I change or add new tables, the information would be documented.

Creating one table at a time is fine, actually preferable.

How do I set up VBA SQL to
Create the table listed in sysTables and add the fields and field definitions in sysFields, and link the lookup table to those fields?
Additionally, in searching the web, I've seen lots of problems with setting up Autonumber fields as well (all my primary keys are defined for Autonumber)

There it is.

Any insight you provide will be appreciated, except for outright laughing.