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    Unanswered: recovery tool

    hello friends !!

    i am looking for a free recovery tool for my access database

    so that i can retreive the database

    in my earlier post i mentioned abt my lost mdw file which trying to enhance the access database with more security

    so any suggestions would be appreciated


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    I'm afraid I haven't read the other post, but anytime you try to change the format of your database or do a c&r or anything like that, the #1 rule is to do a backup first, for this very reason. I'm not sure what shape your database is in now, but you can always try creating a new database and importing the forms/reports/tables and whatever else you've got. Otherwise here's an article that gives a few tips on recovering from corruption.
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    if you have the codes and details of what usergroups and users to hand you can recreate the workgroup file. when you first create sych details Access usually requests that you take copies of all such details as it may well not be possible to recover the usergroups and userIDs otherwise

    sad to say I think you may have banjaxed it proper style.

    your best alternative may well be someone like Allen Browne
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    ^^ banjaxed ^^

    That's a new term for me

    Good luck Sam

    You sure seem to be learning the "make backups first" lesson the hard way, ... sadly.
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