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    Unanswered: Oracle Database Privileges


    I have been using Oracle database for few years whereby everything has been done by our vendor initially. So, I have no problem in creating table and granting access for viewing.

    Now, this is the first time I install the Oracle DB (XE) and start everything from 0 and I really found that it is interesting. I have a of doubt after some trying. Hope that I can get the answer:

    1.) I login as sys or dba to create new schema by using the command:

    CREATE USER winnie IDENTIFIED BY winnie (As I understand Oracle Database automatically creates a schema when you create a user)

    2.) I login as winnie and access to the winnie schema and create a table by using TOAD. I key in few records. When use the select * from mytable, there is an error message saying that the table or view is not existed. But if I use select * from winnie.mytable, then the select statement do return result. I really wonder, this is because if is the schema containing the table, If we omit schema, Oracle assumes the table is in your own schema. Then why I still have to reference the table by the schema name??

    3.) When I try to create table by using the : create table employees as select * from otherschema.employee, the employees table is not created under the winnie schema. After checking by using select * from all_objects where object_name like 'EMP%', then only found that the table owner is SYS, WHY???? I have to use create table winnie.employees as select * from otherschema.employee then only the employees table will be successfully created in winnie schema.

    4.) By default what are the privileges will be granted to a new schema???? for my case, I use - > grant dba to winnie, I even can't select the table that I create (login as winnie)

    5.) I try to create another new schema name winwin, and create a table by using TOAD Create table menu, the table is successfully created, but yet it is not found under the table listing.

    pls advise.

    Ying Ying

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    Answers to all your questions are contained in the Fine Manual above.
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    When you run the select, are you logged onto the database as the user winnie, or are you connected as the sys user?
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