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    a database design problem... ...

    Hi everyone

    I am fairly new to database design…

    I need to design a database that basically allows users to configure different parameters for a number of software packages.

    To explain from bottom up, for example software_package_A_config would consists of the following name-value pairs:
    parameter_1 = some_value
    parameter_1 = some_other_value
    parameter_2 = yet_another_value
    parameter_3 = … …
    Parameters are allowed to have the same name, as shown above. And different software packages can have one or two identical parameters, but this is rare.

    And a number of software package config’s form a config_profile. So every config_profile will consist of:
    software package config’s are NOT allowed to have the same name in the same config_profile.

    Also, every config_profile can be owned by one or more users (many-to-many relationship). There are a number of users that can log into the database, each of them have a user name and a password.

    The following are my thoughts on how to design a database to hold all these information.
    I would have:
    a “user” table consisting of the following fields: *username, password;
    a “config_profile” table;
    an association table to link the user table and the config_profile table.

    I am not quite sure how to design the rest of the database to include the parameters and all their values…

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thanks a million,

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    Is the set of parameters and their types known at design-time? If yes, then one column per parameter should do fine.

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