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    Unanswered: SQL to update MS Access table based on values in an external tab delimited file.?

    I have no experience in MS Access. But briefly, what I want to do is to update the Quantity value in my MS access table to match that of the external table based on a common product identifier (SKU) which has a heading called "Record_ID" in the Access table and "SKU" in the external file.
    If the quantity was changed, then I would like to enable (check mark) the checkbox in the upload field AND if the quantity is 0 then I'd like change the "Status" to "Sold" instead of "Available."
    Please check the following video which I created to describe what I want to do. I hope it is clear enough:
    Access Database Question

    Thank you for help.

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    I would suggest the following;
    Assuming the external tab delimited file remains consistant in format then you can have Access link to that table and then you can have a macro that looks at that table and runs the update functions you are talking about. Sounds simple enough but you'll have a bunch of code to write.

    Good luck, Stu
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