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    Unanswered: Suppress Page footer at last record per Group

    Hello, i'm a newbie, i have a problem, see, i made a report with 2 groups, per division and Name,

    every page should have a total, which i already made,
    but at the end of the report per Division the page footer should not be seen. on the grand total which i placed at the group footer for Division.

    kindly help me, thanks

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    Lightbulb try this

    try to explain it more.

    anyway try this

    create a formula then place in page header
    name: @page1
    numberVar pageNum1;
    pageNum1 := pageNum1 + 1;


    1. goto section expert
    2. click page footer
    3. click common
    4. click button that is opposite side of SUppress(No Drill-Down)

    then type this code

    numberVar pageNum1;
    if TotalPageCount = pageNum1 then true

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