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    Hi! Problem with Excel - footnotes? :-(

    Hi guys,

    I'm currently creating a database for a linguistics paper that I'm writing, but I hit a snag.

    Two questions if I may wrack your brains:
    1. Does anyone know of any way which I can convert cell comments in Excel to numbered, consecutive footnotes when I print?
    2. If not, is there a program out there like Excel, but that can create footnotes?

    I've been using Excel because it's simple to use, and does what I want - ie simple filters and have all the info infront of me. I don't really care what the databse UI (?) itself is like (as long as I can see it all at once like Excel), I just need it to look like a simple MS Word table + footnotes when it comes out. I really need it to create/update the footnote numbers automatically (exactly like Word) because of the number of them, but I also need to be able to use the filters of Excel (unlike word).

    Double Edit: Essentially the same question was asked here with no answer, and this is no good as the pop-ups get in the way in the first method, and the way to find the footnotes in the second method would be too slow.

    Thanks heaps for any help,
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