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    Question Unanswered: From MSSQL to PSQL

    I have a small problem with rewriting something sql

    I usually code Mssql but I stand in the situation that I have a client who is going to use some software, but they have a pervasive database. and I will I have a record locked. but I must also return the fule record.

    in Mssql, I would write:
    UPDATE [TableName] WITH (ROWLOCK) SET [CellName] = [CellName] + 1 OUTPT INSERTED.*

    I hope some of you there can help me

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    THe (ROWLOCK) and "OUPT INSERTED.*" syntax is not supported with PSQL. PSQL will automatically lock the record while it updates.
    Try it without the invalid syntax and see if it works for you.
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