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    Unanswered: DB2 / Websphere Portal

    Env: DB2 V8.2/AIX 5.3

    AIX Box 1(hosts) : IBM Websphere Portal, Portal's DB2 database
    AIX Box 2(hosts) : Application DB2 database (appdb)

    On the Websphere's log, SA sees SQL0911N, Reason code 68(Timeout) error message so everyone says this as application database(appdb) issue but based on my monitoring I'm pretty sure that timeout is not happening at appdb but at the portal's db2 database.

    Problem: I do not have access to Portal's DB2 database to prove it. Also the logfile doesn't say any database name (per my understanding). Is there any other way to show that this is because of portal's database issue.

    Following is the Websphere's log for reference.

    [2/25/09 16:27:48:302 EST] 00000041 StandardQuery I starting query cache at region: org.hibernate.cache.StandardQueryCache
    [2/25/09 16:27:48:304 EST] 00000041 EhCacheProvid W Could not find configuration [org.hibernate.cache.StandardQueryCache]; using defaults.
    [2/25/09 16:27:48:486 EST] 00000030 WSMM Message E DBAttributeCache init The following SQL Exception occured during processing: " [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/AIX64] SQL0911N The current transaction has been rolled back because of a deadlock or timeout. Reason code "68". SQLSTATE=40001

    at QLException( Code))
    at QLException( Compiled Code))
    at eturn_code( Code))
    at Code))
    at epositories(
    at 7)
    at a:104)
    at MRMWrapper(
    at GroupsForUser(
    at roupsForUser(
    at roupsForUser(
    at psForUser(
    at<ini t>(
    at on.checkPermissionToSubscribe(TopicAuthorization.j ava:308)
    at iscriminatorAccess(
    at er.checkDiscriminatorAccess(BaseDestinationHandler .java:10667)
    at ConsumerAuthority(
    at nalCreateConsumerSession(
    at eConsumerSession(
    at eSession(
    at<init >(
    at istener.<init>( )
    at eConnection.createListener(SibRaMessagingEngineCon
    at ionEndpointActivation.createListener(SibRaStaticDe
    at ionEndpointActivation.createListener(SibRaStaticDe
    at ionEndpointActivation.<init>(SibRaStaticDestinatio
    at rImpl.endpointActivation(SibRaResourceAdapterImpl. java:321)
    at Endpoint(
    at point(
    at ctivateEndpoint( 6)
    at all(
    at t(
    at art(
    at pl.fireDeployedObjectStart(DeployedApplicationImpl .java:1076)
    at art(
    at pl.start(
    at artApplication(
    at$ ava:1475)
    [2/25/09 16:27:48:491 EST] 00000030 SystemOut O < WMM-UR: getMRMWrapper() EXIT
    [2/25/09 16:27:48:492 EST] 00000030 SystemOut O WMM-UR: WMM initialzation failed, using Direct Access
    [2/25/09 16:27:48:492 EST] 00000030 SystemOut O > WMM-UR-DirectAccess-File: getGroupsForUser ENTRY
    [2/25/09 16:27:48:498 EST] 00000030 SystemOut O < WMM-UR-DirectAccess-File: getGroupsForUser EXIT

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    diaglevel 4 will capture the -911 error. It will show the sql that received the timeout and db name

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