Currently have a website that runs most content off of SQL Server 2005. Very limited content and forums run off of MySQL.

I am looking for SQL Server help. Quick summary of tasks:
- Voting calculation help. Right now votes are simply stored. Calculations are all done scripting-side, would like to move those calculations to the db for speed and sorting purposes.
- A setup for figuring out the popular items on the website needs to be created.
- New statistics are being added. Table structure recommendation needed.
- General optimization, security recommendations.
- MySQL port recommendation needed (whether or not to stick with SQL Server over MySQL for most of the content).
- Backup solution needed.

Familiarity with sports and typical sports stats terminology a plus.

While there could be follow-up work, this is a one-time contract. It will be paid flat, not hourly.

Please email resume/work portfolio through forums, thanks.