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    Unanswered: Using Text Box Value as the 'Where' clause in SQL query

    I'm using VB 2008 express for a project and I am a total beginner.

    I have a small app which searches an address database and brings back a data grid of results.

    The users tpyes in all, or part of a street name into a text box, hits a search button and the records are then filtered in a data grid.

    I am writing simple sql queries which are working fine but I am strugging to indicate the where clause must be the text box text. For example, what I need to do is the following:

    SELECT * FROM tbl_addresses WHERE Street_Name Like "TextBox1.Text" - but obiously that doesn't work. I also need to ensure this works as a wildcard query.

    Can anybody help?? Please??

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    "SELECT * FROM tbl_addresses WHERE Street_Name Like '" & TextBox1.Text & "%'"

    The idea is that the string you build should contain the CONTENTS of the text box - not the textbox name...

    I'm assuming ansi standard wildcard convention as well - the %. Every database that I've ever used or heard of uses ansi standard convention for wildcards, except for Access - it uses the * character. Also, note the apostrophes which will end up around the contents of the text box. I'm assuming that the field you're searching is either a text type field, or a date/time type field. If the field is numeric, you can't use the apostrophes, and you can't use like/wildcards. (you could cast the numeric data to a string, and use the like function with that though.)
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