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    Unanswered: Heads-Up: Access 2007 Bug

    Just wanted to post a warning. I spent an unpleasant 45 minutes yesterday. I had a complex "one-of" data export to text that I was working on (with a tight deadline,) so I had linked to a SQL Server table, & built a query which concatenated/formatted the data the way I needed it, with a fixed value defined in the selection criteria for one of the fields in the table. I ran the query, and exported the resultset to a text file.

    Then, incremented the fixed value, ran the query, and saved that result set to a text file. And did so 4 more times, for a total of 6 text files. All was well...sort of. When I took a close look at the resulting text files, the data was identical in all 6 of them! After some experimentation, it turns out that the export to text wizard DOESN'T use the active result set (as it should) for the export at all! It apparently loads the query from the saved version, and runs THAT ?@(*%#)*&#@$

    The workaround is to save the query after each change to the select criteria...
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    Sounds like a bug to me Lou. I do recall though when I edited a query with new criteria, etc..I always had to re-Save the edited query first before exporting otherwise it didn't seem to take (I think this happens on pre-2007 versions as well.)
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    How stupid is that

    Thanks for the info!
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