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    Unanswered: NetLibs and TCP/IP Protocol

    Hi everyone,

    I have two questions.

    First, about Net-Libraries. I found two different expression on web.
    1- It is a dll is used from Sql Server and provides the communication
    2- NetLibs are protocols which are Shared Memory, TCP/IP, Named Pipes and VIA.
    Which one is correct..?

    Second question is about TCP/IP. A book says that TCP/IP is default protocol since Sql Server 2000. But I look the Configuration Manager and only Shared Memory is "enabled". The others are disabled. How can it be default protocol for Sql Server..?

    Is there anyone know the answers..?

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    I found the answers. (Thank you Mr. Robert Vieira)

    NetLibs are DLL's used from Sql Server. For example If network uses TCP/IP protocol, server needs TCP/IP NetLibs to communicate.

    Second, TCP/IP protocol now is not default protocol for SQL Server (because of security)

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