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    Unanswered: Oh What fun - help neeeded lots of

    Well yes im a new member and yes im stuck.

    I decided to make a little databse for starts to help me at work great i thought except its full of bugs, back to the drawing board. Meanwhile my boss saw my work and now wants it linked to.... wait for it.... SAP.

    Hell im lost if anyone know much about this and fancies giving me a hand would be grately appreciated started on the basics of putting together a new database(oh its a customer service/ (warranty returns) database btw. Im not asking for a free database or nething just some havy guidance so i can learn too


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    Sorry, I've never seen an Access frontend linked to SAP. Not sure if it can be done.

    Good luck, Stu
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    I have done a bit of reading and believe it can be done with direct x controls through access somewhere along the line if that gives anyone any clues

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    SAP usually saves their structures in a "proprietary" type structure which I don't believe you can do without a SAP ODBC type of driver.

    You may want to check for an ODBC SAP type of driver to install (if one exists) and then you should be able to link to it. If there isn't one, I don't recall of any way to link to it (it's not as easy as just linking to an excel or other type of file.)

    I've tried linking to certain proprietary db's and was never able to do it without first installing their specific driver to do it.

    As far as learning, please check the code bank to help you with some neat coding utilities to make your life easier and don't forget to look at the Northwind database which ships with MSAccess. This is a very good example for newcomers to the MSAccess world with a fully built/functional customer/supplier type structure. Keep in mind though that there are a few little things in the Northwind mdb which I personally wouldn't do myself or recommend but overall, it's a great mdb to learn from.

    The best way to learn is by looking at other examples (and don't forget the Sybex MSAccess Developers book - a great book to have with a cd containing LOTS of examples!)
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