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    Unanswered: DoCmd.RunSQL UPDATE with Me!Listbox.Column(varitem) giving errors


    I have an access 2007 database that stores information about keys that have been loaned out to faculty members. Each key has an expiry date, and I have created a form that collects these items in a list box and then sends an email to the keyholders.

    When I press a button, It runs a VB script that generates a custom email to the user and then updates the entry in the table where this info is stored. I want it to add the current date (Date()) to a column titled [Email Sent]. Here is the code that I have come up with so far:

    DoCmd.RunSQL "UPDATE DataTable SET [Email Sent]=Date() WHERE [First Name]=" & Me!lstContacts.Column(2, varItem) & " AND [Last Name]=" & Me!lstContacts.Column(1, varItem) & " AND [Department]=" & Me!lstContacts.Column(6, varItem) & " AND [Due Date]=" & Me!lstContacts.Column(0, varItem) & " AND [Permit Number]=" & Me!lstContacts.Column(4, varItem) & " AND [Key Number]=" & Me!lstContacts.Column(5, varItem) & " AND [Email Address]=" & Me!lstContacts.Column(3, varItem) & ";"

    When I run this script, it will return an error that reads:

    Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression '[First Name]=first AND [Last Name]=last AND [Department]=dept AND [Due Date]=01/01/2009 AND [Permit Number]=01234 AND [Key Number]=1111 AND [Email Address]=None'.

    I think I am on the right track, could anybody help me out please?

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    I see you haven't decided to normalize after all

    You're missing single quotes and pound signs, as you need to tell Access that you're looking for a string and a date respectively, not a constant or a variable or something else. So, like:
    [First Name]='first' AND [Last Name]='last' AND [Department]='dept' AND [Due Date]=#01/01/2009# AND [Permit Number]=01234 AND [Key Number]=1111 AND [Email Address]='None'

    Also, I assume you're going to fix the "none" criteria?
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    It Works!

    I have been struggling with this database for so long that I just want to get it done. That is why I have no motivation to normalize the data... Its almost doing exactly what I want it to do so I will leave it how it is. Maybe for my next database project...

    As for the "None", its just my default value for any email addresses that I havent yet put into the database

    Thanks again for the super fast reply!

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    I'd also copy things such as Me!lstContacts.Column(6, varItem) into variables first and use those variables in constructing your SQL statement versus the actual Me!lstContacts.Column(6, varItem).
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