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    Red face Unanswered: data Type mismatch

    what does the "Data type mismatch error" mean.

    I am running a querry on 5 colums the querry runs and gives output for the first three and than gives the above error
    what causes that

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    data type mismatch means that the compiler / interpreter / sql engine has received a value of a type its not expecting

    often it means that the you have supplied a numeric argument/parameter when it was expecting a string or vice versa
    ...where mycolumn = 1
    is not the same as
    ...where mycolumn = "1"
    it could be that you have supplied a date value when a number was expected, it coudl be the date value is not in the style that the wahtever expected.. eg you may may have supplied it in the form dd/mm/yyyy when Access normally expects mm/dd/yyyy.

    it could jsut be masking a syntax error in your SQL, ie its not valid SQL and the wahtever is whinging because it cannot understand what you are trying to do
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    Could be a number of things. My guess is a Null value in the data somewhere. What's the SQL of the query?

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