Hello Everyone
I have a crystal report that groups by date and shows the detail lines for each patient in the date range. One of the detail line fields is called Service_code.
There about 15 - 20 service codes possible for display for each patient. I want to put a crosstab in the report footer that will show the service codes but only for particular ones. My user wants to see all the details showing the multiple services code but only wants to crosstab the the totals for 2 of the possible 20 codes. How can I do that and not show the totals for all services codes.

I have tried different suppression formulas in the field and the report footer, but that doesn't work. I can supress all the service_code row names for all but my desired codes but there are still empty rows with totals in the columns for the codes I don't want.

I have considered inserting a subreport in the footer to only record select on my desired service_codes. This report already has several subreports and I didn't want to elongate my run time by more subreports unnecessarily.

Can anyone help? I am pretty much a 'newbie' on crosstabs and would appreciate the help.