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    Angry Unanswered: Access '03, DAP Tab index skipping text boxes

    I have a small mdb used to track time and quality for our shop. I use a DAP for time sheet entry into one table and in terms of functionality, it works perfectly. I have a 2nd DAP used for quality information input into a 2nd table, and it also works perfectly.

    In order to move from input field to input field in the time sheet DAP, you have to use a mouse click as the "tab" key skips the text boxes and only hits the drop-down lists and the navigation keys. I've gone through the Tabindex fields for the DAP and in Design view, the tab navigation functions fine, however once back in normal html use, it continues to skip the text boxes. I've tried tabindex re-numbering everything on the page to no avail.

    Both DAPs have an identical Date entry text box that feeds their respective tables so I compared the "all" properties for both DAPs for the Date text box, and they're identical (with the exception of the tabindex number). I can not figure out why the quality table tabs flawlessly, yet I can't tab through the time sheet DAP.

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    Is the "Tab Stop" properties set to Yes for these fields?

    Note that you should also check the "Enter Key behavior", "Enabled", and "Locked" properties for each of these fields.

    Other than that, I'd check to see if there's any code in events such as "AfterUpdate" or "Lost Focus", etc.. on the fields before the ones you want it to go to next to make sure there's no code which "skips" over the next field. An example might be an AfterUpdate event of FieldX (such as me.FieldZ.setfocus) which would skip over FieldY.
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    I was unable to see anything that should be there, as you'd described. Seems it was all for naught however as the project has been indefinitely shelved Thanks for the reply all the same.

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