Hello , i was running a simple developed application that reads strings until "quit" is read. the strings are stored in the computer each one next to the previous. I don't understand what happens, because the program works if less than aproximately 27 characters in total are stored, but with more, the program fails. I looked at technical error information windows offer and i saw that report, with memory range title, addresses like 0x00415180 and then for each address for bytes and then two more bytes of characters. Address varies from 16 to 16, that is, next address is 0x00415190 etc. I want to understand this report and eventually why the program fails. But first I want information about the technical error report itself, that is, things like title "memory range 3" or two, or one, or "entire contents" or like the table address (like 0x00415170) four numerical bytes and two character bytes. thanks to anyone can help and tell me. Good bye.