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    Unanswered: Stock inventory help needed


    I have put a small database together to keep track of stock usagae.

    however i am at a loss at the moment as to what i need to do next.

    I have been trying to link it in with code i have found, but am completely lost now.

    My database:
    I have a table of that stores all stock descriptions
    I have another that stores current stock levels.

    However i want to build a system that allows me to amend the totals on hand should i book a component out of stock.

    Likewise if i want to add stock as replenishment.

    Ideally i would like to do this via a few buttons on a form...

    Finally i need to be able to track all movement of parts so before amending the qty i need to log the removal/replenishment in a separate table.

    System i am trying to use is here:

    Allen Browne - Inventory Control: Quantity on Hand

    I think i need another table to hold the new stock take info in but not entirely sure.

    And have no idea how to amend the code to suit my databse setup, can someone please offer some help.

    I have attached my DB


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