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    The World’s 1st Hosted SCM Solution

    We are pleased to announce the release of SCM Anywhere™ Hosted, the world’s first hosted Software Configuration Management solution.

    The service is managed by Dynamsoft and comes with fully integrated version control, issue tracking and build automation. Both Windows and cross-platform clients are provided, so that users can make the alternative according to their need. The product supports full integration with Visual Studio 2005/2008 and Eclipse. Developers can perform all the version control, issue tracking and project administration operations without leaving the IDE. The product also offers a plug-in for all the MSSCCI compatible IDEs as well as the continuous integration tools Ant Plug-in and CruiseControl.Net Plug-in.

    More info can be found at:
    SCM Anywhere - Software Configuration Management (SCM) System

    You can also check out the 10-minute introduction video at:
    SCM Anywhere Hosted Webinar Video


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