I have a scenario where source data is as below:

User1 Role1
User1 Role2
User1 Role3
User1 Role4
User1 Role5
User1 Role6
User2 Role2
User2 Role3
User2 Role4
User2 Role5
User3 Role6
User3 Role4
User3 Role5

And I like to format this using MS access query as below

User1 Role1 Role2 Role3 Role4 Role5 Role6
User2 Role2 Role3 Role4 Role5
User3 Role6 Role4 Role5

How can I do this...

I know it can be done with cross tab but issue is I have to have tree column as source data in order to use cross tab.
I was thinking that if I can write a query which can add Index column as below then cross tab query will able to do what I want:

I am not sure how can I add extra column with index value as shown below as last column...
User1 Role1 1
User1 Role2 2
User1 Role3 3
User1 Role4 4
User1 Role5 5
User1 Role6 6
User2 Role2 1
User2 Role3 2
User2 Role4 3
User2 Role5 4
User3 Role6 1
User3 Role4 2
User3 Role5 3

Can anyone please let me know how can I add sequencial index as above third column to my query ?