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    Unanswered: Access Lucky Draw Form


    Here is my situation..

    We are having a lucky draw on Saturday and we have sold 200 tickets that have individual numbers. We have 200 prizes on offer.

    I have created a form which allows me to enter the ticket number but I want the name to appear for the individual who has the ticket. We are going to use a projector so whenever the number is drawn we want to be able to enter the number on the screen and then the name pop up for the winner.

    I have two tables:-

    prize (includes prize number, prize description and ticket number)
    ticket(ticket number, ticket holder, ticket address)

    Any help would be useful?

    Does anyone know of anything out there that is like this?


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    I would create a read-only form whose control source is a JOIN query. Then create some kind of a way to enter in the ticket number and jump to that record (there are many ways to do it depending on personal style).
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